Power Loop

Brand: GoFit
Product Code: 08-GF-PLP



GoFit Latex Power Loops along with Brook Benten's workout is a simple yet powerful combination to achieve stronger, leaner, and more athletic hips, legs and glutes. By training and conditioning your lower pillar of strength, you will look better and perform better for an active lifestyle.

The GoFit Latex Power Loops include a laminated training flip book. You'll get proper usage instruction, and a progressive workout guide. The flip book pictures several exercise options and instructions from nationally-acclaimed fitness instructor, Brook Benten, M.Ed.,ACSM-HFS, RKC.

The compact size of the 3 GoFit Latex Power Loops makes them a great "Go Anywhere, Train Anytime" exercise tool.

  • Loops resting diameters are approximately 9.25"-9.5".
  • The band resistances are approximately equal to 5lb (red), 10lb (blue) and 15lb (green) which provide multiple levels of resistance to grow with your training needs.



  • Clean the Power Loops with mild soap and warm water. DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  • Keep the Power Loops out of direct sunlight. The Power Loops should not be placed anywhere where they would be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures or heat sources.